About Us

Our mission is to help companies build critical, high performance and scalable software solutions using cutting-edge technologies. We understand the process of building software as a purely creative artwork, therefore we put a special care in design and user experience.

For more than 10 years we have helped all kinds of enterprises, from small start-ups to big multinational companies, to make their products simple, appealing, and usable. The relationship with our costumers has always been based on transparency and honesty, putting always their needs ahead of our own company’s. This has allowed us to maintain long term relationships with big companies like Cepsa, a company that has chosen us as a strategic supplier in their biggest strategic moves such as their Digital Transformation.

One of the main strengths that has taken us to where we are, is our focus on valuing every one of our team members for their technical skills. We are a company that is 100% technological with knowledge as our main asset. Thanks to that, we are now a company that is valued in technical leadership positions and software projects consulting.


Gravity is a community of people eager to act, we can honestly say that we love what we do, we share our knowledge and motivate each other to be the best version of ourselves. It’s hard to imagine what we do without this group.


Transparent agreement. Time and materials contract


Joint planning sessions and constant communication

Focus on results

Automated tests and code review

Perfect process

We practice UX, Agile, Lean, XP


We do what we love


We find creative solutions to all challenges presented to us

How we work

Our mission, help companies make their users and clients fall in love with their products by giving soul to them.

Agile Methodology

All our teams follow Scrum methodology, which has proven to give great results and also keep all the project stakeholders in sync. Scrum allows you to be flexible in your requirements and have the software delivered in iterative steps. No matter if you are in Europe or America, everyone can take part in the daily standup or have a closer look in the Jira backlog.

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