2Trade Single Dealer Platform

We had the opportunity of collaborating with Optimissa to create their start FX Trading product from scratch, which have been set up in multiple cutting edge national and international banks.

The challenge

We participated in the earlier faces of the project, providing our experience developing big scope projects.

We cooperated training Optimissa team members, and actively in the inception process, guiding the team.

Our mission

In this project, our goal was to provide the software developing base, in which to evolve the different functional requirements. We concluded our mission when all team members in the team acquired the required technological skills to be able to conclude the project in their own terms.

UX design

In the design process, we worked with different user profiles and devices, ending up with different versions of the system.The main version is aimed to forex professionals traders with multiple operations and client management in real time. There is also, a simplified version, with basic functions for principal operation, adapted to profiles with less knowledge of this operations, obtaining an agile, simple and intuitive application.

Technical Characteristics


To develop a SDP FXTrading tool, there are a lot of technical issues to face.

  • Price providers interconnection
  • Bank core Interconnection
  • Adapting to internal banks procedures
  • Performance and response time
  • Friendly UX design
  • Reliance and connectivity under unexpected events.
  • Etc.

With all that in mind, we brought up a system capable of split every lager that when interconnected worked as one. For price provider integration, a multi-thread system was used. It collected the prices from a socket and preprocess them before serving to other layers.

Response time and performance was critic, so a concurrent and not blocking processing system for live operations was designed, in a way that a price close operation (witch typically is fixed to 3 seconds by the provider) could be executed without delays inside our system.

A modern facade was provided as a front end, with a well evaluated UX to make the tool attractive, productive and usable in the best way possible. This required a functional study of treasure office, so the design of the application to be adjusted to fit like a glob to that necessity.

Taking into account robustness and connectivity, multiple security systems were designed yo assure this qualities for sessions to be guaranteed to be correct, support network connection failure, low latencies or lost of network packages, because this kind of event affects in a critical way to FX operation, being the response times very lows and the frequency very high.

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