FCB Fitness

FCB Fitness is a iOS development for FC Barcelona. Is an Official Product in which we included very innovative ideas for the time, fussing gamification elements with exercising. Given your physical condition and your objective, the system provides with a training plan presented as a game.

The challenge

This mobile iOS app belonged to the new digital strategy program designed in FC Barcelona, where third party companies, could present their ideas and if selected, this would get to a incubation state inside the brand. Once selected, the club putted in our hands all their marketing potential and the economic resources needed.

So, the first step was to present and attractive idea  to the club to be selected in their incubation program. Once achieved, the next challenge was to design an application to be used worldwide with the unknown quantity of users and loads. There was not a single previous reference that would have allow us determine the infrastructure needed, so we needed to make it elastic, in a time before we had the Cloud advantages in this field that there is today.

Our mission

The idea was to develop an application for mobile devices in less than a year and make it available for users all over the world. The application would offer an exercise plan for 30 days as a game, once the users introduced their physical condition, age and lifestyle.

We spent weeks with a team of personal trainers defining exercise plans and the algorithm to select one of them. Video and illustrations along with the explanation texts to describe every exercise were made about every exercise.

Its launch was a success. We received hundreds of registers every hour and all media talked about this on the news.

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