Ten years with Cepsa

Gravity’s evolution as a company has always been closely related to Cepsa. During the ten years that we have been together, we have explored new technologies, products and platforms of all kind. During these years the IT industry has not stopped evolving and we have been able to adapt to change, overcome challenges and stay on the cutting edge of technology.


The challenge

In IT business context it is required a continuous reinvention of every company and it have not been easy to maintain ourselves year after year as a key partner for Cepsa, confronting all new technology challenges that such a big company requires.

In order to do that it is important to be agile and adapt to new business needs in the fastest way possible. For that purpose, we have always been a company focused on a certain market niche, with a similar mindset and in which their members value each and every element that joins us to that client. Keeping that DNA in our company and being loyal to a work model is crucial to become and active player for companies.

Our mission

We have always been committed to maintain a close relationship with the company, based on transparency and mutual trust. In opposition to other companies, we have been able to adapt to the company’s changing needs, always offering fast result with the best of qualities.

We have been involved with virtually every area in the company, having acquired a very deep knowledge about some company business concepts that other developing companies do not possess. We have developed projects for Exploration and Production, Distribution, People, Gas and Power, etc.

Digital Transformation

Our last big step inside the company has been to take part in their digital transformation. Nowadays we are defining and developing Cloud Native Architectures of the new applications. We are really thankful to be able to cooperate in such a creative environment, with the newest ideas and where technology plays an important role.


We have taken part in dozens of projects during this 10 years of involvement. We can not give a lot of details for confidentiality issues, but we can show some of the projects we have taken part in. This developments have not been “Gravity only” projects, but we made them with the close collaboration of Cepsa and some of their other providers.

Max, HR Virtual Assistant

Max introduces artificial intelligence to Human Resources. Employees can ask questions to Max (the virtual assistant) about different topics related to human resources. Max is built using IBM Watson.

Real timing Optimizations in refining process

Pioneering project based on Big Data, Machine learning, industrial processes simulators and optimization algorithms, to make more efficient industrial processes.

Corporate Responsibility Master Plan

Project that gives support to the Corporate Responsibility Master Plan, launched in 2013 and revisited in 2018. Cepsa defined 10 topics to organize the goals and the concrete actions to fulfil theses goals.

Dynamic Reporting

Online reports editor, that allows concurrently working in the same weekly report by different editors, following source code version control system philosophy.

AI-based employment opportunities

A web to give employees the opportunity of change their position inside the company, upgrading the internal mobility procedures to allow more transparency, reliability in the process, and reducing the amount of time to fill up a position.

In all this years we have developed over 100 applications and we have been very active in almost every technological aspect. We can only thank Cepsa for their trust in us all this years, the learning that we have made with them and hope to continue bringing them the solutions and support that they need.

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Energy trading

Energy trading



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