Coronavirus and its impact in daily life

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing the world as we have known it. Its effects are shocking even the most basic activities of daily life.

The most serious effects of Pandemic over society have been its impact on people´s health all over the world. The virus affects people no matter their religion, culture, race, or nationality. The disease is striking al nations equally.

Tens of thousands of families have already lost their loved ones, and maybe more hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children will be affected in the next months. The situation is really a complex one and requires the efforts of all layers, communities, and individuals in society to fight back the virus and win this battle.

Many companies, assuming a very responsible attitude, have already decided to send their workers home.  Until there is an effective vaccine, the only weapon that society has to defeat the spreading of the coronavirus is quarantine.

This has been the case for many companies in the Spanish State. Some of them even took the decision before the Spanish government declared the state of emergency. The known petroleum company CEPSA has acted accordingly.

In the case of employees that are able to keep working from home, this has allowed companies not to stop production, or their commercial activities in general, which has been also the case for CEPSA.

Moreover, the thing here is not only carrying a general social quarantine, leaving aside all the extraordinary tools that nowadays technology provide us, and keep using old communication, administrative and organizational methods. In the fight against the virus, it is key to use all the tools created by current technological developments to win this battle. We must use these powerful tools to help humanity overcome this hard and difficult time in the Spanish State, but also all over the planet.

“In the fight against the virus, it is key to use all the tools created by current technological developments to win this battle.”

Gravity´s modest contribution to fight back the virus

Thus, CEPSA asked Gravity developers to create an application with the aim of making the process of checking workers´ health on a daily basis easier for the company, so, that way the company could provide its workers a fast medical response when needed.

Accordingly, Gravity demonstrated its commitment with the cause, as well as with helping all its clients, reason why in less than a week -actually, the job was done in only 4 days-, its developers created a superb application to fulfill that purpose. The request for the app was made on Sunday, and by Thursday the program was ready.

To have the job done in record time Gravity´s team worked all the overtime that was needed until the program was completely developed and totally functional. However, it wasn´t only a matter of delivering the job very fast. Apart from fast development, the application has a great level of quality as well. That´s a feature you can see that in the great visual esthetic and design of the application.

Also, we want to share this application with other clients and companies, as it constitutes a great tool to support employees during the quarantine, as well as to fight back the disease.

The app as a tool for caring about worker´s health

The application is very simple and easy to use. It consists of a questionnaire with several inquiries about the health state of each employee. For instance, there is a question about symptoms, like cough or fever, there is another question about whether the worker has made contact with infected patients in the previous days, and so on.

The app can be also useful outside the Spanish State because it asks the employees if they have been outside the country recently, and therefore if they are currently under quarantine or not. Let´s remember that in other countries of the EU that kind of inquiries has been also made to citizens, in order to keep an accurate register and control of all the actual and potential infected that have been exposed to the virus outside their homeland.

Likewise, the app shows every day to users the status of their health condition in the previous day, according to the info provided by themselves, as well as an overview of their health condition in the last two weeks. All this data it is also sent constantly to the medical service of the company, helping company´s doctors to have rigorous monitoring of all employees, making possible every day to check the evolution of symptoms in each employee, and, which is more important, to give a quick response if needed, as we explained at the beginning of this article.

Technological features

The backend of the app was deployed using AWS´s lambdas, which have huge advantages like its low cost – you only need to pay for what you use, which means that you should only pay for the execution time, and not for the host-. That helped us to develop the application really fast.

The frontend was deployed using Cloudfont, a tool that makes it possible for all the app users to have quick and easy access to it.

For data management, we used Dynamo, a service that makes it possible to have quick access to data at a really low cost.

The authentication of users is made through the own CEPSA application, as well as Cognito.

It is an indisputable truth, that if weren´t for all the cloud technologies and tools that AWS provides us, we couldn´t have developed this app as fast as we did, and we have to thank them for that. AWS is currently producing great quality and user-friendly tools, which really enable the industry to develop new software at a considerably faster pace.

Antonio Hernández

Antonio Hernández

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